About Bezzy Buddies



Welcome to Bezzybuddies, this is a community of women, looking to find friends with similar interests.

Here at Bezzy Buddies, we are all about bringing you what we feel are seemingly exclusive events, but are all about being inclusive by nature. Having established ourselves six years ago, when founder Lynne Ainsworth decided she wanted to get like minded-ladies together for all sorts of social occasions, our regular get-togethers have grown into something that, as a team, we are so very proud of.

Our Mission

Our mission has always been this: to get women together to have a good time, in the hope that this will also enable them to build lasting friendships and enjoy valuable social contact. Let’s face it, in our busy lives, we all find ourselves in need of good company, and Bezzy Buddies has given us, and our members, a chance to meet and enjoy such a wide variety of events and experiences, that are firstly designed to be great fun. And our members come from such a wide social sphere: everybody brings something to the party, that’s for sure..

Our Journey

We started our journey in Liverpool, in the North West, and we still like to enjoy some of our regular, and now traditional, meetings and events here. Our infamous Summer Lunch and Christmas Lunch parties are all about being informal and letting your hair down - but we want you to get dressed up and look your best, honestly! Christmas for us usually means a Bezzy Buddies meet-cute at the Hilton Hotel, here in Liverpool, and its signature lobby and festive tree both provide the perfect backdrop for our BB photographer.

bezzy buddies

Bezzy Buddies

Bezzy Buddies is full of food lovers, and we don’t mind a bit of wine and gin tasting, too, so we adore going on journeys that tickle our taste buds, where spectacular scenery is the order of the day, and a warm atmosphere is the rule. The Bull’s Head Hotel in Beaumaris, close to Anglesey, is a firm favourite with Bezzy Buddies, and its five star approach to dining is nothing short of spectacular. We also get away to Cornwall whenever we can, and Rick Stein’s culinary hotspots are always on our list, and we can’t resist the beauty of St. Ives and the whole glorious coastline.

As a team, we decided to make the party last longer for special occasions so we’ve recently been venturing to foreign climes, and let us tell you, Ibiza welcomed us with open arms. After soaking up some sun and taking in the atmosphere, we had a ball at places like Mambo Ibiza and Blue Marlin. And yes, some of us did end up in a DJ booth, and actually, we think Fatboy Slim was very pleased to see us. We loved it so much we are already planning Ibiza 2020. Bezzy Buddies are setting their sights further afield, too. After a recent trip where we enjoyed the splendour of France, we’ve now set our sights on Thailand. Call us many things - but don’t call us predictable!.

We also do refined, and for the ultimate in luxury and travel, with a hint of old school chic, nothing beats The Orient Express for us. It definitely gives us the opportunity to choose an elegant outfit and enjoy the intimate and classic atmosphere, with a hint of first class fun, of course! For a slightly different flavour, our fabulous Grand Charabanc, which starts at The Elephant in Woolton, Liverpool, twice a year, gives us time with one of our favourite chefs, TV favourite and Strictly wonder, Simon Rimmer, and his team. Simon plays host to us regularly back at home, and we love him being our favourite foodie tour guide.

Back nearer home ground, one place we always are made to feel welcome and return to again and again is The Art School, where gastronomic genius Paul Askew regularly welcomes us. Whether it is sampling the finest food there is, to wine tasting that is all about luxury, our regular afternoons and evenings there are all about luxury - without the millionaire price tag! That’s something we are so proud of: we welcome everyone so that they can enjoy living their best life, where you get to choose the event and price level that suits you.

Fusing traditional with modern is what we are all about: so whether it’s the idyllic setting of Moor Hall near to Ormskirk or the see-and-be-seen backdrop of The Ivy Manchester, we want you to feel like VIPs all the way. We have packed parties, fashion shows, days at the races, makeover evenings and so much into the past six years, but we have learned that while the location is so important, it is the company that really means the most to us.


We are branching out, too, organising more regular events in Cheshire, with the help from Kirsty Nicholson, and who knows where Bezzy Buddies will roam to next? We have discovered over our last six years that sometimes all it takes is a day out, or an afternoon tea, to create lasting friendships, and through our events we also like to support local and national charities, too. We are honoured that our members approach this part of what we do with generosity of spirit, and that everyone involved with our events, from famous chefs to beauty brands to magnificent venues, has stayed with us during our journey so far.

Always room for more

At Bezzy Buddies, we definitely have room for some more of you on board, though, and we would love to hear from you. So whether you fancy the sheer opulence of The Orient Express, or wowing the crowds in Ibiza with your mixing skills (we are strictly amateurs but it didn’t stop us!) there really is something for every lady who joins us to enjoy.

You might not always need your passport, but you should always come equipped with your favourite handbag, a rippling sense of humour, and an open heart ready to bring on new connections. Living our best lives, Bezzy Buddies style? It really is what you make it...

It doesn’t matter what age or lifestyle, you will find someone special who wants to know about You! And tell you about themselves. Let us have a busy social life again, and we can start this without leaving the comfort and safety of our own homes. Get involved Get in touch, add your ideas and desires and never feel alone. Regain your confidence and self worth and let us make this world a better place.