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Welcome to Bezzybuddies, this is a community of women, looking to find friends with similar interests.

My name is Lynne Ainsworth after 20 years of marriage and going everywhere with my Husband I found myself living alone feeling quite lonely. I missed not having a partner to do certain things with. I joined numerous Dating sites trying to find a partner.


of dates and meeting some wonderful men, some who will remain friends for life...... I decided to give up looking for a Love interest and I realised what I really needed is a friend, with similar interests and similar life style. Someone I could go to nice places and then, maybe meet my next partner with.


The seeds were sown for....

bezzy buddies


I had another friend who has recently lost her husband and really misses entertaining. She would love to have a dinner party and fill her home with fun and laughther again.


to go for Drinks, Dinner, Dancing, Bingo, Concerts, Gym, Walking, Shopping, Night school, Speed dating, Holidays, the list is endless and oppourtunities are vast.


Again there are no limits. I would love to find a Bezzy in Cornwall, and I would love to invite them here to Liverpool. The choices just get bigger. You will have your own personal social expectations. One of my friends has a beautiful daughter who is Autistic, she would love to meet someone in a similar position, to go on holiday with.

About Us

Grab a cuppa or a glass of wine, get comfy and let us explore the possibilities of meeting great friends.


Hello my name is Lynne Ainsworth, I live with my two dogs Buddy and Loola. I have a daughter 30yrs old and a Granddaughter 8 yrs old. I am a hairdresser and I have had my own business for 21 yrs. I left my Husband 9 yrs ago which was a relief. Once I had settled in my new home and made my new life I found myself quite alone, all my friends were married or settled down or had small children.


I wished I could find a Good friend with a similar lifestyle. I missed going out for Fabulous meals, hosting dinner parties nipping off for the weekend at a moments notice. I didn’t want another partner /lover/husband. What I really wanted was a Best friend, a like minded Woman with a story to tell.


So we arrive at BEZZYBUDDIES……..This is a community of Women looking for like minded Women, it is NOT a dating site. But if you would like to meet a partner , maybe you will find a friend in the same position and instead of joining dating sites you could go Speed dating, or out on singles nights together.


I am going to be hosting Ladies Lunches all around the UK and beyond. I am open to suggestions on venues and I shall be inviting local artist with a talent to give a talk, or organise Fashion shows of local designers.


You can enrol today and chat to other Women, get to know them and meet up at our next Luncheon. Alternatively you can go ahead chat and meet up by yourself.


The Opportunities and possibilities are immense and on our Gossip page you can share stories experiences and photos..


It doesn’t matter what age or lifestyle, you will find someone special who wants to know about You! And tell you about themselves. Let us have a busy social life again, and we can start this without leaving the comfort and safety of our own homes. Get involved Get in touch, add your ideas and desires and never feel alone. Regain your confidence and self worth and let us make this world a better place.