My name is Lynne Ainsworth, after 20 years of marriage and going everywhere with my Husband I found myself living alone happily single.

After lots of dates and meeting some wonderful men, some who will remain friends for life... I decided to give up looking for a love interest and I realised what I really needed is a friend, with similar interests and similar lifestyle. Someone I could go out with and go to nice places and then, maybe meet my next partner with.

That is when the seeds were sown for BezzyBuddies.

Maybe you are looking for a friend to go for Drinks, Dinner, Dancing, Bingo, Concerts, Gym, Walking, Shopping, Night School, Speed Dating, Holidays, the list is endless and opportunities vast.

Maybe you would like to find a Buddy in Wales, Scotland, London or Cornwall. Again there are no limits.  If you would like to open a branch in your area please contact Lynne on 07901000014


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